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Achieve your Rankings and Sales goals with effective B2B SaaS Content that Actually Performs

I help SaaS Companies like yours to generate demand with content optimized to drive traffic for targeted queries, improve search ranking and convert readers into SaaS buyers.


B2B SaaS Copywriter

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Article Ranking on The First Page of Google for Keyword "onboarding tour"

Article Ranking on The First Page of Google for keyword "best customer onboarding examples"

Article Ranking on The First Page of Google for Keyword "user journey vs user flow"

B2B SaaS Copywriter

You Need Great Content To Attract The Right Audience

Think back to the last time you read a mediocre content, and said:

“Oh shoot, I need to get that product?” Never right? 

That’s why people skip over content easily


B2B SaaS Copywriter

Generate Organic Leads

Bring in hot leads from your website, straight into your sales funnel, without burning a monster budget on ads.


B2B SaaS Copywriter

Boost Conversion Rate

Build trust with your audience by providing in-depth power content that communicates value


B2B SaaS Copywriter

Drive More Sales

Watch your sales stack up as you successfully guide your leads through their sales funnel


“I have worked with Dorcas for over a year now and she is the best writer I have ever worked with. She is always on time, never misses deadlines, and always delivers high-quality work. She has a knack for understanding what I want from her and knows how to communicate it in the best way possible. ”

Adetunji O., Founder of Webbinsite Digital Marketing Agency

Here's What I

B2B SaaS copywriter that transforms your complex software product into ‘must-haves’ for your target audience with jaw-dropping content that compels anyone to take action


Content Strategy

Create the right content for your audience based on in-depth SEO research.


Content Audit & Refreshing

Bring new life to your old content with relevant and up-to-date information.


Long-form Content

Capture and attract website lurkers into your sales funnel before they disappear into the web.


Let's Meet

Hello there, my name is Dorcas.
And it’s nice to meet you!

I love three things to the extreme: reading, writing, and watching food videos. 

My passion for storytelling and human psychology began at a very early age. Like most copywriters, I discovered my love for words buried in the pages of books.

Here’s what you don’t know about me:


I work with a problem-solution approach.

I have insider experience with building SaaS products

My favorite quote is “Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.” – Leo Burnett

B2B SaaS Copywriter

What Past Clients Say...

"Dorcas was fantastic! She did a wonderful job automating growth for my online community. She nailed it- understood my goals, very responsive and super easy to work with. 10/10 would recommend. Don't miss out."
Ali luck
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Rebecca A.
Product designer

Evergreen Content for SaaS & Tech Companies

Ready To Win With Better Content?

Don't waste time trying to create content yourself when you could be focusing on what matters most—your customers! Let me handle the writing so you can focus on growing your business.
B2B SaaS Copywriter

Dorcas Adisa Copywriting

I help SaaS Companies like yours achieve business goals by crafting optimized content that performs by addressing visitors’ objections, conveying your tool as the appealing solution they’re looking for.


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